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      Date: Sep  9, 2014
     Title: 2014 Clam Mentorship Teams Announced for Fall CELL
Clam teams announced for the 2014 Fall CELL Clam mentorship program!

Games begin this weekend as we kickoff the Clam Mentorship program.  All players please report to your team captain at least 15 minutes prior to your first scheduled game so you can be addressed by your leader.  A few players may be added to these rosters before the start of the CELL league this weekend, but these rosters are mostly final. The Fall CELL schedule for week 1 will be released tomorrow afternoon 9/10.


Team Chin
Coach's quote:
"(A Championship) is the only reason we're here. We don't need to play for any other reason than to win a Championship." -AC
YOG First Last Position
2017 Ryan Bannon Goalie
2015 Alex Chin Midfield
2016 Andrew Cox Midfield
2016 Michael Czekanski Midfield
2017 Ridge Driscoll Defense
2018 Hunter Goodrow Defense
2017 Jeremy Hazzard Midfield
2018 Dylan Logan Goalie
2016 Shay Lynch Midfield
2018 Patrick Murphy Defense
2016 Chris Rota Midfield
2018 DJ Sloan Attack
2016 Bennett Strayton Attack


Team Cleveland
Coach's quote:
Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing. We're in this league to win games and sting corners, not to make friends." -SC

YOG First Last Position
2018 Jacob Addeche Goalie
2017 Michael Biddle Midfield
2017 Carson Bischoff Midfield
2018 Sam Blake Midfield
2015 Sam Cleveland Attack
2018 Cameron Cobey Attack
2017 Thomas Haut Midfield
2017 Sam Witt Midfield
2017 Connor Reed Defense
2018 Evan Roan Attack
2017 Jack Siebert Attack
2018 Andrew Whalen Midfield


Team Foster
Coach's quote: "
Boys I'm looking for some hard work and determination over the next (couple of) months. I expect nothing less than the 'ship. "Set your goals high, and don't stop 'til you get there." Just like to great Bo Jackson said." -JF

YOG First Last Position
2018 William Abbott Midfield
2018 Quinton Abrecht Defense
2018 Mayo Amorello Goalie
2017 Thomas Bono Midfield
2017 Nick Connelly Goalie
2018 Jack Dillon Midfield
2018 Macklin Fitzpatrick Attack
2015 Jake Foster Midfield
2017 Zach Gustafson Defense
2017 Blake Hailer Attack
2017 Bailey Laidman Attack
2017 Jack Mahoney Midfield


Team Lyne
Coach's quote: "These next couple months are gonna be good. Defeat is not an option." -KL

YOG First Last Position
2017 Michael Bouzianis Midfield
2018 Kyle Camphausen Defense
2018 Adam Canfield Attack
2018 Jackson Ellis Midfield
2018 Cooper Giblin Goalie
2017 Zach Harde Midfield
2017 Zach Hogan Defense
2017 Bobby Leonhardt Defense
2018 JJ Levandowski Midfield
2017 PJ Lombara Midfield
2015 Kerry Lyne Attack
2018 Jon Shakespeare Attack
2017 Tim Tyrrell Midfield


Team Kirson
Coach's quote:
"The next few months are strictly a business trip. Every member of the team is a piece of the puzzle, and if they buy into the system, there's no questions we'll be taking it home in the end." -JK

YOG First Last Position
2017 Trevor Ballantyne Midfield
2018 Chris Bucking Midfield
2018 Michael Calcagni Attack
2016 Josh Kirson Goalie
2017 Cody Leblanc Attack
2018 Eddy Martin Midfield
2018 Jack Meyer Midfield
2017 Will Moriarty Defense
2017 Matt Paul Attack
2017 Peter Sullivan Attack
2017 McCrae Williams Goalie
2017 Teddy Yerardi Defense
2017 Abdullah Nassif Midfield