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      Date: Sep 17, 2014
     Title: Clam Mentorship Program Kicks Off With Week 1 Games
The Clam mentorship program enjoys a successful first week of games.

The Clam mentorship program started off with a bang, as each senior led team fought for their first win of the young season.  Led by their Senior Captains who have each verbally committed to a collegiate program, it was clear that each team had chemistry right off of the bat.  Week 1 saw many close games, including a 30-28 Team Chin win over Team Kirson.  The high scoring didn't end there, as Team Cleveland pulled away from Team Foster in a 37-32 victory.  It was an exciting start to the Clam Mentorship Program, and looks to be a very competitive division from top to bottom.


*Below is a breakdown of week one with comments from each team Captain.  Note stats are taken to the best of our ability and will not be 100% accurate.

Team Kirson

Result: Loss 28-30 to Team Chin

Current Record: 0-1

Top 3 Performers

Name School Performance:
Abdullah Nasssif Hanover 7g, 1a
Josh Kirson Rivers 25 Saves
Matt Paul Rivers 5g, 1a

Captain's Corner: "Week one was a learning experience for team Kirson. With a lead going into halftime, I thought our team overall played pretty well together for our first game. Although facing a hot goalie, I thought we took some good chances and specifically Abdullah Nassif (Archbishop Williams, 2017 midfielder) was a workhorse. For future games, I'd like to see us not giving up the good chances for the great chances and that will give us the success we need." - Coach Kirson



Team Chin

Result: W 30-28 over Team Kirson

Record: 1-0

Top 3 Performers

Name School Performance
DJ Sloan St. John's Shrewsbury 6g, 1a
Ryan Bannon Hopkinton 20 Saves
Chris Rota Roxbury Latin 6g, 1a

Captain's Corner: "This weeks game with Team Kirson was an exciting game throughout. Neither team was dominant, and the score remained close the whole game. The play was constantly back and forth with great offensive and defensive plays from both teams. Despite the hard play we were down by a couple by half but did not give up. In the second half we slowly fought back and managed to tie it up with a few minutes left. Strong offensive play from Chris Rota (Roxbury Latin, junior midfielder), DJ Sloan (St. John's Shrewsbury, 2018 attackman), and Shay Lynch (Newton North, 2016 midfielder) helped get us a slim lead with only 2 minutes to play. Good overall team defense as well as some amazing saves from goalie Ryan Bannon (Hopkinton, 2017 goaltender) sealed the win for us. It was a great game and a good team win...let's hope we can carry this momentum into our next game." -Coach Chin


Team Cleveland

Result: W 37-32 over Team Foster

Record: 1-0

Top 3 Performers

Name School Performance
Sam Cleveland Rivers 10g
Carson Bischoff Acton-Boxboro 9g
Jack Siebert Melrose 6g

Captain's Corner: Great game on sunday, boys. Although it was close in the beginning, we were able to stick to our game plan and finish strong, leaving Team Foster in the dust. Bring that energy and attitude for the next couple weeks and we will be bringing home the coveted “CELL Champs” sweatshirts. If any of you get the chance, please shoot Cam a get well note. He would appreciate it, and I would as well” -Coach Cleveland



Team Lyne

Result: L 26-41 to Belmont Hill

Record: 0-1

Top 3 Performers

Name School Performance
Kerry Lyne Wellesley 10g
Cooper Giblin Westborough 20 Saves
JJ Levandowski St. Mark's 3g

Captain's Corner: "This Sunday we had a tough lost to a very strong Belmont Hill team with a very good goalie. Overall, I was very pleased to see that our players kept working hard even after the other team was starting to pull away from it. I think next week we are going to need to move off ball more so that we can create better shot opportunities. Week one is the best time to lose. We are going to keep getting better once we play together more." -Coach Lyne



Team Foster

Result: L 32-37 to Team Cleveland

Record: 0-1

Top 3 Performers

Name School Performance
Thomas Bono Nobles 7g
Bailey Laidman Dover-Sherborn 5g
Blake Hailer St. Sebastian's 4g

Captain's Corner: "Last Sundays game went very well from the start for Team Foster. We came out hot, with some really creative goals in front of the net thanks to Thomas Bono (Nobles, 2017 midfielder) and Bailey Laidman (Dover-Sherborn, 2017 attackman). The guys looked pretty good out there, but we will be working on hustling more and getting back on defense. Q looked very solid on defense and even stopped Sam Cleveland one or twice. We are hungry for our first team a win next weekend!" -Coach Foster