All Star Lacrosse


Q. How do I become a Clam?

A. The only prerequisite to becoming a Clam is to play in our Indoor
League. That makes you eligeable to tryout for Clam Camp
(our Clam development program) or to receive an at large invitation.

Q. What is Clam Camp?

A. Clam Camp is our Clam development league where the Clam coaching
staff can more closely evaluate Clam candidates.  Tryouts for Clam
Camp are posted about 2 weeks prior to the tryout date on our web page  From Clam Camp, the majority of our tournaments
teams are selected (the rest from at large invitations).  Simply put,
Clam Camp is the fast track to making the Clams.

Q. What is meant by "at large" invitation?

A. An "at large invitation" is for players that are unable to
participate in Clam Camp, but are skilled enough to be on a Clam team.
These are players that standout week after week in the Super League.
"At large invitations" are somewhat rare, but they do happen.

Q. What does being a part of the Clam Program mean to me?

A. Being a member of the Clam Program makes you part of New England's
top All-Star team.  But beyond that, you will receive invitations to
various recruiting tournaments hand-picked by our highly qualified
Clam coaching staff.  These tournaments are selected for their
competitiveness and college exposure.  Plus, you get the use of the
Clam College Placement Service provided by the Clam coaches who have
spent the last decade building a respectable reputation with the
college coaching community.  In short, college coaches tend to listen
to what our Clam coaches say about a player, because doing so has
benfitted them in the past (in most cases many times over).

Q. What is the Clam schedule?

A. We break the Clam schedule into three segments: Fall Clam Camp,
Winter Clam Camp, and Summer Clam Tour.  A "new" year for the Clams
Program starts with our Super League in September.  Fall Clam Camp
tryouts typically happen about two or three  weeks after the begining
of the Super League.  After the tryouts (one general tryout, one
call-back tryout), the Fall Clam Camp runs 4-5 weeks culminating with
2-3 recruiting events in early November.
Tryouts for the Winter Clam Camp typically happen the first and
second week of December with the same tryout format as the Fall Clam
Camp.  The Winter Clam Camp session begins in January and runs for 4-5
While it is during the Winter Clam Camp that we begin to send out a
majority of our Summer Clam invitations, players in the Fall Clam Camp
that have shown that they are deserving will receive a Summer Clam
invitation at the end of the Fall Clam Camp.
The Summer Clam teams are the ultimate goal for all Clam hopefuls.
The Summer Clams Tour include invitations to at least one tournament
(and up to 4), an intensive two-day training session, and the use of
the Clam College Placement Service.

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