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Imagine, for a minute, you had to teach someone how to tie his shoes, or play a musical instrument - say the guitar. But you couldn't show him. Your instructions had to be your words only.

No doubt you could do it. But it would take far longer, be far more difficult - and frustrating - than it would need to be. If you get that, then our approach will make perfect sense to you.

For starters, we go to great lengths to round up as many of America's top college players as we can. Not a handful to make celebrity guest appearances, then leave. But dozens who can spend the whole week with you, live in the dorms with you, and generally be around to answer your questions.

But most important, having this many active players on staff allows us to teach you through demonstration. Our staff will gear up and show you things they think you need to know. Full speed, full contact.

You can watch the player playing your position in the demonstration to see how an All American handles that situation. After each run, they'll break it down for you - position-by-position - answer any questions you have, then do it again.

Then, right from the demonstration, you're off to the field to play. And you'll play a lot. Usually three games a day. We don't hold back games as a reward. Just the reverse, we want you to play and play to test, adjust, refine and absorb all that you've learned in the clinics.

Let's face it, this knowledge has to stay locked inside you for a long time until you can unleash it on your in-season opponents in the spring.

Tell someone how to tie their shoes and they will surely forget. Show them, and they'll be set for life!



Last year's camp staff included players from:
Johns Hopkins Providence
Towson Hartford
Cornell Holy Cross Penn State
Maryland Springfield
Connecticut College
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A true Clam success story is Larken Kemp...



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