All Star Lacrosse


Right now, Top Gun's All Star program has two components: the Fighting Clams,  the Rising Clams and the Littlenecks.

The Fighting Clams are Top Gun's "elite". They are selected by Top Gun's highly qualified staff as the best of the best - in our opinions the types of players that college coaches from all across the country should know about.

The Top Gun Fighting Clams attend several of the pre-screened, established select tournaments each season. What they have done over the past several years - and this is not opinion but fact - is establish themselves as the premier all-star team in New England, and one of the best in the country.

The Littlenecks are the best 6th/7th/8th graders that are looking to take the first step towards possibly becoming a Clam some day.  Like the Clams and Rising Clams, the Littlenecks will travel to tournaments to challenge themselves against the nation's best.  Some of the tournaments the Littlenecks will be attending will be the same as the Clams and Rising Clams.

* Tryouts and announcements about our three programs are made with a "CLAM CALL"The announcements and information are posted on our all-star home pages (Clams, Rising Clams, & Littlenecks) as well as in the "Clam Chatter" news.  Watch for the "CLAM CALL" for information about up-coming tryouts and events.


Now that nearly all club programs aren't just one or two teams, but several, we as Directors have all had to find ways to clearly differentiate the different products we put on the field bearing the same "brand" name.

Here are the terms we use to describe our Clam teams we field this fall. This will be shared with all college coaches and spectators repeatedly.


Seasoned” – This indicates a team where most of the players have committed to a college or university.

AA” – This distinction means within their age/ability category, our coaches believe players on this team to be unusually talented. This will be added when appropriate to our strongest 2013, 2014 & 2015 teams this fall. Nearly all "AA" players in the Clam program possess D1 ability or potential.

A” – This distinction means a team where we believe the majority of players have a strong probability of becoming “AA” players with continued progress. Nearly all "A" players possess strong D2/D3 ability or potential. And those that they display consistent D1 ability will be moved up accordingly.

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