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Brine Shootout & Harvard L'neck Results

Both the Fighting Clams and the Littlenecks post strong results in their respective tournaments last week

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The Harvard Tournament, the second of the summer for our Littleneck team, went a long way toward defining them.

In our first two games, the Littlenecks did what many hoped they would do - they beat two New England opponents.

Game One saw us take a 7-4 game over the Tomahawks of New Hampshire. In Game Two, we beat Mass Elite, taking that one 9-2.

Then came the big boys, first Long Island Express East. A program that caused the older Clams some problems in New Jersey earlier (and also a program widely regarded as one of the country's best). We lost to them 4-1, in a game where we learned just how patient and disciplined a team can be.

Next up. The Patriots of New Jersey. In a word, this was another classroom session for us. Final: Patriots win 7-1.

From a 2-0 start, we're now 2-2. One to go. How will we respond?

Our last game put us in the path of another Long Island Express team, LI Express South. And at the start it appeared to be deja-vu again.

But with about six minutes to go, the Littlenecks down 7-2, we mounted a charge that is not often seen - especially from a team who is still learning who it is.

Led by Tyler Bogart (three goals in the rally), and Shaun O'Hare (two goals, one assist), we tied it up with about a minute to go.

Then with the score tied at 8-8 with less than a minute ago, Nick Desisto stuck the game-winner.

So we ride this high, ironically, into Long Island next week. We will be unafraid.

Game Results

Game #1
L'necks (7) vs. Tomahawks (4)

Game #2
L'necks (9) vs. Mass Elite (2)

Game #3
L'necks (1) vs. Long Island Express East (4) 

Game #4
L'necks (1) vs. NJ Patriots (8)

Game #5
L'necks (9) vs. Long Island Express South (8)

Individual Statistics*
stats are kept to the best of our ability, and are likely not perfect

Nick Desisto (Rivers) - 8 goals
Foster Leboeuf (Beverly) - 1 goals, 4 assists
Tyler Bogart (Newton) - 4 goals
Shaun O'Hare (Tyngsboro) - 2 goals, 2 assists
Jory Makin (Wenham) - 1 goal, 3 assists
Jordan Fong - 3 goals
Tucker Mscicz (Topsfield) - 1 goal, 1 assist
Andrew O'Connell (Middleton) - 1 goals, 1 assist
Chad Morse (Beverly) - 1 assist
Scott McCord - 1 goal
Zach Pawa - 1 goal
Austin Gaiss (No. Andover) - 1 goal
Drew Bourdeau (Newburyport) - 1 assist
Matt Knight (Weston) - 1 goal
Tucker Mathers (Boxford) - 1 goal

Dillon Guthro (Newbury) - 27 saves
Kevin Lally (Beverly) - 13 saves



The Top Gun Fighting Clams, on the other hand, came within one goal of advancing to the semi-finals of what is considered by many to be the toughest tournaments on the club team circuit, falling 6-7 in a heart-breaker to national power Haverford School (PA).

But along the way, the Clams' play certain left an impression. And for the second time in as many tournament, the Clams knocked off a #1 team. This time, it was in the quarter-finals of the tournament's playoffs, when the boys stormed back from a 3-6 deficit with minutes remaining to defeat last season's #1 high school team in the country Gilman*.

*ranking according to

All in all, the 6-2 record coming out of the Shootout fell beneath what we'd hoped for. But at an event such as the Shootout, it really does indicate a strong showing. And already I have been contacted by several college coaches about players they saw play down at UMBC, suggesting the larger goal of exposure for the Clams program was indeed achieved.

Game Results

Game #1
Clams (5) vs. St. Mary's (8)

Game #2
Clams (7) vs. Tri State (6)

Game #3
Clams (9) vs. NoVa Select (1) 

Game #4
Clams (11) vs. Severn (1)

Game #5
Clams (4) vs. Madlax (1)

Game #6 PLAYOFF #1 O.T.
Clams (7) vs. Gilman (6)

Clams (6) vs. Haverford (7)

Game #8
Clams (6) vs. Landon (2)

Individual Statistics*
stats are kept to the best of our ability, and are likely not perfect

Jordan Greenfield (Rivers) - 14 goals, 12 assists
Garrett Campbell (St. Johns Prep) - 11 goals, 5 assists
Zach Brown (Governors) - 6 goals, 1 assist
Spencer Macquarrie (Phillips Andover) - 4 goals, 3 assists
Matt Thistle (Bishop Guertin) - 3 goals, 3 assists
Will Walker (Phillips Andover) - 2 goals, 2 assists
Frankie Wheeler-Larusso (Catholic Memorial) - 3 goals, 1 assist
John McKenna (Phillips Anodver) - 1 goal, 2 assists
David Nardella (Lexington HS) - 2 goals, 1 assist
Matt Scalise (St. Johns Prep) - 2 goals, 1 assist
Mark D'addario (Peabody HS) - 2 goals
Luke Kornack (BB&N) - 1 goal, 1 assist
Justin Kirchner (BB&N) - 1 goal
Jimmy O'Connell (St. Johns Prep) - 1 goal
James Fahey (St. Johns Prep) - 1 goal

Christian Dallmus (Rivers) - 25 saves, 18 goals allowed, 58.1% save pct.
Conor Fraylick (Pleasantville HS, NY) - 19 saves, 14 goals allowed, 57.6% save pct.

Team MVP

Christian Dallmus 



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