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Clams UP Lax Tourney Results

Clams close out summer well at prestigious national tournament in MD

UP Lax Tournament (11/21 - 11/22)
Team Record: 4-2-2
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The Top Gun Fighting Clams finished their fall tour with a strong 4 win, 2 loss and 2 tie performance at the Ultimate Performance Lacrosse Tournament in Annapolis, MD. The Clams wins included a 9-3 opening day win vs. the nationally ranked club program the NY Roadhawks, and a strong 6-4 showing vs. perenially strong DC area HS program Gonzaga HS. The event was as competitive an event as we've attended all fall, without question.

Of the two losses, one was an outstanding 5-6 loss to the MD Crabs, a club program who last year was considered the second best the country according to an INSIDE LACROSSE poll. Afterward, two college coaches who'd watched said it was one of the most intense and competitive games they'd seen all fall. The other loss, a 0-6 drubbing at the hands of the Claremont School (British Columbia), proved valuable to all the Clams present in that it showed - quite simply - how good some players out there are, and they are ones the Clams will be ultimately competing with for college roster spots. After having two relatively lopsided wins on the first day, this game served as a reminder that there is still work to do. The silver lining is this game will be that I know it will push all of our players to push harder in the months to come. 

With the 4-2-2 performance at UP LAX, the record of our entire Clam program moves to a solid 32-11-6. More importantly, the Clams fall program has already seen six of our juniors and counting receive D1 offers (a couple of whom have received more than one, and one of whom has accepted); several more preparing to take unofficial visits where offers appear to be waiting. This of course is just the start. But to say that each offer is encouraging and exciting in its own right would be an understatement.

Below are the scores and statistics from this past weekend. Congratulations to all who competed admirably this past weekend:

DAY ONE (11/21)

Clams (9) vs. Roadhawks (3)

Will Walker: 3 goals
Jimmy Murphy: 1 goal, 2 assists
Murph Vandervelde: 2 goals
Kane Haffey: 1 goal, 1 assist
Spencer Macquarrie: 1 goal
Johnny McNamara: 1 goal

Conor Fraylick: 7 saves, 3 goals against

Clams (5) vs. Crabs 2011 (6)

Murph Vandervelde: 3 goals
Chris Garibaldi: 1 goal, 1 assist
Matt Thistle: 2 assists
Jimmy O'Connell: 1 goal

Christian Dallmus: 9 saves, 6 goals against

Clams (11) vs. Burnaby Mt. Juniors "A" (1)

Matt Thistle: 3 goals, 1 assist
Jimmy Murphy: 2 goal, 2 assists
Spencer Macquarrie: 2 goals
Peter Willauer: 2 assists
Petie von Rosenvinge: 1 goal
Will Walker: 1 goal
Jimmy O'Connell: 1 goal
Joe Ricciuti: 1 goal

Conor Fraylick: 4 saves, 1 goal against

Clams (6) vs. Gonzaga (4)

Will Walker: 2 goals, 1 assist
Matt Thisle: 1 goal, 1 assist
Murph Vandervelde: 1 goal
Spencer Macquarrie: 1 goal
Johnny McNamara: 1 goal
Brendan McNeill: 1 assist
Charlie Suominen: 1 assist
Jimmy Murphy: 1 assist

Christian Dallmus: 4 saves, 4 goals against

DAY TWO (11/22)

Clams (6) vs. Crabs 2012 (6)

Murph Vandervelde: 3 goals
Chris Garibaldi: 1 goal
Spencer Macquarrie: 1 goal
Chris Williams: 1 goal
Johnny McNamara: 1 assist
Matt Thistle: 1 assist

Conor Fraylick: 3 saves, 6 goals against

Clams (0) vs. Claremont School (6)

Christian Dallmus: 5 saves, 6 goals against

Clams (5) vs. Hill Academy #1 (5)

Will Walker: 3 goals, 1 assist
Spencer Macquarrie: 2 goals, 1 assist
Matt Thistle: 1 assist

Christian Dallmus: 3 saves, 4 goals against
Conor Fraylick: 4 saves, 1 goal against

Clams (3) vs. Triangle Black (2)

Murph Vandervelde: 2 goals
Johnny McNamara: 1 goal
Matt Thistle: 1 assist

Conor Fraylick: 8 saves, 2 goals against


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