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College Clam Check-In: Conor Van Duzer

Army revisited.

With more and more Clams considering Division 1 offers, the questions about what the recruiting process and the college experience are like keep coming it.  To give you some insight we reached out to our current Division 1 Clam Alumni to tell their stories.


What were you're top choices for colleges when you started thinking about playing lacrosse in college and why?

When I first started thinking about playing in college some of the schools I wanted to play at were Villanova, Army, Fairfield, Lehigh, Bucknell. I didn’t really have a reason to like them more than other schools but my dad had gone to Army so I was already interested in them. They also are for the most part good academic schools which played a big role in which school I decided to go to.
- - -

What surprised you most about the recruiting process?

What surprised me most was how stressful and time consuming it was. The amount of emails I had to send out was crazy and I always had to be on top of what was happening with different schools recruiting classes and talking to coaches.
- - -

If there was one thing you'd do differently in your recruiting process, what would it be and why?

I think if I had to do one thing differently in my recruiting process it would be to try to take more visits. I didn’t go visit a lot of the schools I talked to and looking back on it you can’t know which school you would be a good fit at if you’ve never visited the campus and talked to the team.
- - -

What would you say was the most important part of your recruiting process and why?

The most important part was being honest with my playing ability and conveying that to coaches which the Clams coaches helped a lot with. Knowing what schools you could get playing time at compared to schools you might be able to go to but never play was important. Also putting my priorities straight, knowing what I wanted out of a school and looking beyond what the school had to offer besides lacrosse.
- - -

What advise would you give a Clam who is about to meet a college coach on a recruiting visit for the first time?

Be as respectful as possible. All coaches want to be respected and having some questions about the school and team prepared beforehand lets the coach know you’re serious about the school and have thought about it. Showing up looking fresh helps too.
- - -

What was the most surprising part of D1 lacrosse when you experienced your first week?

The most surprising part was the speed and intensity. Everyone was athletic and could play.
- - -

What is your daily schedule (i.e.- practice, weight room, classes, film, study halls, etc.)?

I wake up for class every morning at 6 and have class until 3 in the afternoon with a free period in there and lunch. Sometimes we have an early lunch so we can go watch film. Then I go straight up to practice which starts at 3:30 and practice until 6:30 with weights sometimes after. Once in a while (like during fall ball) we’ll have weights before class some days as well. Then I go back down [to my dorm], do homework and go to bed.
- - -

What do you like MOST about playing D1 college lacrosse?  Why?

The level of play and getting to travel to different schools for games, also being a part of a close knit team. Being pushed every day to get better is rewarding in the long run and being on a team which is a second family is great.
- - -

What do you like LEAST about playing D1 college lacrosse?  Why?

The time commitment. Sometimes going out and practicing hard for hours then having to stay up late to do homework is difficult, especially when a lot of my peers don’t have the same commitment.
- - -

What is the number one thing you want a D1 Clam prospect to know about playing D1 lacrosse?

That D1 is hard work and your coach will expect you to put in the time and energy every time you get on the field. It’s a grind but worth it if you’re willing to work.


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