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College Clam Check-In: Tanner Powers

From Vermont to Holy Cross for Tanner Powers.

With more and more Clams considering Division 1 offers, the questions about what the recruiting process and the college experience are like keep coming it.  To give you some insight we reached out to our current Division 1 Clam Alumni to tell their stories.


What were you're top choices for colleges when you started thinking about playing lacrosse in college and why?
I wanted to go to many Patriot League schools as well as NESCAC schools because of the prestige the leagues had [academically]. Also, they both have an extremely high level of lacrosse. I grew up around and watching NESCAC players and lacrosse. I always thought it would be very cool to be able to play in that league which is extremely competitive.
- - -

What surprised you most about the recruiting process?

I was very surprised by how important grades are in most of the schools you look at. If you have really good grades then you are able to open options up for yourself at schools that may not be able to take you otherwise.
- - -
If there was one thing you'd do differently in your recruiting process, what would it be and why?
I would have visited more schools and talked to more coaches. I think visiting schools is vital to know what kind of school you want. Whether it is a small school, or large or liberal arts education or a large public school education it is important to see all kinds of schools. Visiting many schools can also give you more of a feel for college coaches and how programs operate.
- - -
What would you say was the most important part of your recruiting process and why?
The most important aspect of the recruiting process for myself was being more proactive and reaching out to coaches more. They are very busy and sometimes they needed a reminder of who I was and how interested I was in their respective school.
- - -
What advise would you give a Clam who is about to meet a college coach on a recruiting visit for the first time?

It can be very intimidating to visit a college and meet with a coach. I was extremely nervous to meet with coaches and at a few meetings I did not ask any questions which I wish I did. When the coach and program want you to go there or have very high interest in you, make sure that you do not become so nervous you do not ask important questions that you really want to know. The coach will not be mad that you have questions and it is nothing to be embarrassed about. It is vital that you find out all the information you can so you can make the most educated decision about where you will attend college.
- - -
What was the most surprising part of D1 lacrosse when you experienced your first week?

How fast the game is. There is no down time or learning curve. Freshman are expected to be able to come in and be able to acclimate to the game very quickly. As well the competition day in and day out is very intense and can be very challenging. Top to bottom there are no weak links in division 1, that was a struggle to keep up with the veteran players.
- - -
What is your daily schedule (i.e.- practice, weight room, classes, film, study halls, etc.)?

During the Spring on Wednesdays I have class at 8am-9am. I then go to the gym to do a partner lift for about an hour. I then have class from 11am-12pm and at this time I need to meet with Professors and study before practice. At around 3:30 I go to the gym again and get treatment as well as meet with the coaches to discuss the upcoming game. Then we have a team meeting at 4:30 until 5:15 and we practice from 5:30 to 7:30. At times it may seem to be stressful and very busy with balancing school and lacrosse but once you get into a routine it is not as hard and very manageable.
- - -
What do you like MOST about playing D1 college lacrosse?  Why?

There are two aspects of Division one that I really enjoy. First the team aspect that you have at school. Immediately as a freshman you have 45 guys that look out for you and support you. You really become like a big family with them very quickly and this can lead to some great friendships and very strong bonds. Another aspect I enjoy is the competition. Playing a division one sport can be grueling and can really wear you down. However, to be able to be competitive every day and play against great teams is very rewarding and fun as well.
- - -
What do you like LEAST about playing D1 college lacrosse?  Why?

Division one sports can really push you to your limits. You have to sacrifice a lot of time and energy. Often you miss out on social events that your non-teammates get to go to. As well you miss vacations and most likely will not have any crazy breaks during the spring like many of your friends will be able to do. Through all of this time and energy you really want more days off but that just does not happen and it can really be a grind.
- - -
What is the number one thing you want a D1 Clam prospect to know about playing D1 lacrosse?

As a kid you see Division one lacrosse as a prestige and it would be great to get cool gear as well as be able to tell people you play a Division one sport. But if you want to play Division one lacrosse for these reasons then most likely you will not make it all four years. To be able to get through the grind and enjoy that you are playing Division 1 lacrosse at the end of the day you must really love lacrosse. It is a lot of work but by the end you will be able to learn a lot about yourself, make great friends, and learn a lot of lessons you can carry with you.


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