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2014 Recent Commitments

Summer 2013 Tour helps seven 2014 Clams lock up college commitments (thus far), including one to D1

July 1st opened up the the door for all college programs to directly start recruiting members of the 2014 class nationwide.  Up to that point, D2 and D3 coaches, and to a less extent their D1 counterparts, were watching closely, taking notes and making their wish lists.  Now, most of D2 and D3 coaches will still wait until the fall to lock up a majority of their 2014 class. But for seven Clams, they had proven enough to get that early verbal commit before the end of the summer. This number is sure to climb, and most likely climb soon. We tend to update our Facebook page and twitter feeds before this site, but we'll keep this page up to date as well. Stay tuned, as August is always an exciting month from a commitment perspective, and thus far, if July is any indication,it's gonna be a very active one!

1. COLIN FEHELEY (Attack / Brewster Academy / Washington College): At 6'3, Colin catches coaches' eyes pretty quickly.  A big body coming from an ultra-competitive Brewster Academy program, his heavy shot from the wing gave him our first D3 commit in late spring.

2. TYLER POWERS (Attack / Duxbury HS / Washington College): With their right attack spot filled by Colin, Washington shifted to their left side and found Tyler. A crafty finisher with a very good mid-range shot, Tyler's lax IQ is already at a college level coming out of Duxbury.

3. CASEY KEELEY (Midfield / Wilbraham & Monson / Springfield): We are alway extra gratified when one of Clams find their way to their top choice school.  From the beginning, Casey had Springfield at the top of his college list.  After an All-Star performance at Peak, Coach Bugbee had seen enough and wanted Casey as a member of the Pride.

4. COLIN FAHEY (Defense / St. John's Prep / Lynchburg): Colin had a superb summer tour.  Playing primarily with the 2014 A team, Colin was a monster on groundballs and in transition. Colin's was a chaotic force on defense, keeping attack off-balance with a barely controlled aggression that jumped out to coaches.  Lynchburg loved what they saw and approached Colin before Hotbeds saying that they would be watching.  After Hotbeds, they said they wanted to watch him at Lynchburg as a Hornet.

5. GREG PLUMB (Midfield / Belmont Hill / Williams College): First, it must be stressed that Greg is a D1 caliber athlete: 6'2", 190 lbs., great speed, great ability, great strength and he has a cannon of an a shot.  Not only is he a top lacrosse player at Belmont Hill, he's a top football player as well.  From the beginning of Greg's process he's been pretty locked onto the NESCAC path, and the NESCAC coaches from the begining have been scratching and clawing to get him to their school.  Amherst and Middlebury for the longest time seemed to be the two Greg was really focused on, but when Williams College made their offer, Greg could not refuse.  It's hard to say "no" to an open door to what many consider the hardest schools to gain acceptence to in the country.

6. TUCKER MSCISZ (Attack / Pomfret / Connecticut College): Tucker is a slick, crafty right-handed scorer with a very smooth, accurate shot. Using his reclassification junior year very effectively, Tucker went from being a good scorer at St. Johns Prep to an outstanding one at Pomfret this past spring. After considering a number of schools both inside and outside the coveted NESCAC, Tucker responded to the aggressive recruitment from Conn, and opted to become a Camel.

7. MATT KNIGHT (Midfield / Westminster / Hobart):
Just when you think D1 is all wrapped up, there'll be a coaching change, a late decommitment opening a spot, or something of the like to free up a D1 spot for a deserving recruit. In Matt's case, it was the first thing mentioned; Matt had for a long time wanted Hobart, and despite being recruited, Hobart did not appear to be n the cards. Then former Coach TW Johnson opted for another position, Greg Raymond from Princeton got the nod, and things went from there. The recruiting process isn't over until its over. Just ask Matt.


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