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2013 Harvard Fall Crimson Classic Writeup

The Top Gun Fighting Clams traveled to Harvard for the Fall Crimson Classic.

The Harvard Fall Crimson Classic very much signified a step in the right direction for the Clam program. We found ourselves above the all-important .500 mark, with 3 more wins than last weekend to go with one fewer loss. We had some great wins, such as the 2016 "AA" AFC's great one goal win vs. the nationally renowned, Long Island-based FLG 2016 team,  the 2015 "AA" AFC/RW's decisive 10-5 win vs. Laxachusetts, and the Seasoned Clams' decisive 10-1 win vs. the always strong Bridgton Academy team (actually, now that I think of it, all their wins were pretty impressive).

More importantly, even more than last week, the games were highly competitive almost across the board. Last week, we had a few games we wish we had back, and a couple that just got away from us. This past Sunday, with perhaps one exception, we felt all losses came in very competitive contests. And it wasn't just our coaches who felt this way. So far, between yesterday and today, I have spoken to more than a dozen college coaches, all of whom felt that yesterday, our program was in a handful of extremely competitive games. As one coach put it, "we don't care who wins and who loses, we just want to see competitive lacrosse, and today was a very competitive event, especially (the Clams) program and a few others".

Most importantly, the feedback I've had with college has been both plentiful, and very gratifying. Our decision to split the "top" teams in the 2015 and 2016 class may have resulted in one or two fewer losses than if we'd gone with one stronger team per class. But I also think it would have diminished the number of shifts players were permitted, and  ultimately the amount of impact these players were able to make over the course of the day. Based on the numbers of texts, emails and calls I've received about players, it certainly seems we chose wisely.

To sum up, we went from an OK start last weekend to a strong second Sunday of our fall season. We as a coaching staff are now hoping for - and indeed expect - our strongest weekend yet this coming Saturday and Sunday at our four different locations. It'll be a wild stretch, with 8 different teams playing in four different locations over the course of the two days. When the dust settles after this weekend, we will have played 27 games, 4 in Connecticut (Yale Bulldog Classic), 6 in Pennsylvania (Philly Showcase), 9 in Maryland (Up Lax Tournament), and 8 in New Hampshire (IAS Showcase). And afterward, only one team will have games remaining this fall. So it would not be inaccurate to consider this weekend a program-wide grand finale of the fall.

Looking forward to giving it all we've got!

As we did last week, below are our top scorers and top goaltender from this past weekend.

Clam Top Scorers from Harvard*
all stats kept to the best of our ability, we acknowledge these stats are likely imperfect

Name School Clam Team G A Total Points
Joe Delaney (Committed to Colgate) Belmont Hill Seasoned 10 2 12
Foster LeBoeuf (Committed to Brown) Phillips Andover 2015AA AFC 4 4 8
Alex Parent Central Catholic 2016AA NFC 5 3 8
Tyler Powers (Committed to Washington College) Duxbury HS Seasoned 7 0 7
Jimmy Lampert Wayland HS 2016AA NFC 3 4 7
Stephen DeLeo Moses Brown 2015/16A 7 0 7
Sam Cleveland (Committed to Colgate) Rivers 2015AA AFC 4 2 6
James Burr Middlesex 2015AA AFC 4 2 6
Joe Manown (Committed to Duke) La Salle Academy 2015AA NFC 2 4 6
Kerry Lyne Wellesley HS 2015AA NFC 6 0 6
Ben Sommers Governors 2015AA AFC 3 2 5
Bailey Laidman Dover-Sherborn 2017AA 2 3 5
Jake Haase Belmont Hill 2017AA 4 1 5
Doug Richardson (Committed to Endicott) Rivers Seasoned 2 2 4
Alex Chin Shrewsbury HS 2015AA NFC 3 1 4
Nick Albano Beverly HS 2015AA NFC 3 1 4
Abdullah Nassif Hanover HS 2016AA NFC 3 1 4
Clay Goldthwait Brookline HS 2015/16A 3 1 4
Matt Paul Rivers 2017AA 4 0 4
Clay Goldthwait Brookline 2015/16A 3 1 4


Top Goalie Performances*
all stats kept to the best of our ability, we acknowledge these stats are likely imperfect

Name High School Clam Team Save Percentage
Josh Kirson Rivers (Committed to Ohio State) 2015AA AFC 81%
Matt D'Amore Duxbury (Committed to Salve Regina) Seasoned 75%
Tyler Boardo Tabor Academy 2015AA AFC 74%
Henry Gjesteby Wincester HS Seasoned 73%
Aidan Long Concord-Carlise HS 2016AA AFC 64%
McCrae Williams Weston HS 2016AA NFC 63%

*2017 and 2015/16A goalie stats not kept accurately, so are not included.


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